What is it that addicts me to photography?

Hey Folks!

I think discussing about what exactly I like about making photographs is a good starting point for this blog entry. In my opinion, everybody has a passion, something that really drives you forward, a thing, which catches your attention over and over again and makes you grow more and more.

Yes, you guessed right, for me, that’s what photography does!

I often get asked, well, why the hell are you standing for hours in the rain, just to do a photograph? Or: Why are you hiking up a mountain 3 hours before sunrise in deep snow and -10° C?

Well, I guess the first important point is: Because it’s fun!

When you are standing there, somewhere in total loneliness, and it all comes together, like light, location, weather and composition, it is just awesome! There is nothing comparable to that! In this moment you are absolutely concentrated on you environment, you are focused, there is no thought about any problem or any sorrows. It just about making this one potential masterpiece (which in fact, is always the next picture). This is what makes it an outstanding experience.

Second: Because you create something

Even if you stand in front of one of the most photographed waterfalls in Iceland, it is still your own composition, your own interpretation of the scene. Photography is so much a personal thing, and in a world of daily digital consume it is still a possibility to create something on your own. If you finally have a print in your hand and pin it to your wall, you know, that you really did something.

Third: It’s a challenge you will never conquer

Remember when you were a kid playing pc games (or maybe still do)? When you reached level after level and it was simply too easy to be really challenging and it sooner or later bore you?

Well that will never happen to your photography! Seriously, even if you just did the most exciting shot ever, there is always a next shot to come, and this could be even better! This story goes on and on, it will never and! You will always have the possibility to improve yourself, and that is such a great thing and probably one of the reasons why photography is such an addiction!

These are probably the most important points to me, but what about you? What are the reasons that make you go outside and search for the perfect shot?

Best Alex