Thank you for stepping by! Welcome to my Blog!

Hello World!

This is my first post here on my brand new site, so let me explain you first what will expect you here and what reasons finally influenced me to publish all of the following. 

It all started in the years of 2012/13, when I first bought a DSLR (it was a Pentax K30) to play a little bit with. I soon started to use it a lot and kind of got addicted to it. In the holidays, I was unable to do anything else as shooting pictures over pictures of my environment. I always loved being outdoors, and to capture that moment and bring it back home made me really happy. 


As time passed by, I guess I kind of improved my technic and style and more and more people got interested in what I did. I switched my gear and added some analog cameras. I read a lot of books and collected photo books from great artist as Steve McCurry or Sebastiao Salgado. Sooner or later every free space on the walls in my flat got covered by prints and I was asking myself, what is the next step? 

Well, I decided to build up this page. I think a lot of credit goes to all the photographers out there blogging and vlogging, which really inspired and motivated me, especially Thomas Heaton and Eric Kim (if you don't already know them, check them out, they are nothing else than amazing!)

So what is the reason for this website? There are thousands of photography blogs out there?!

So for the beginning, this project is more or less for very egoistic reasons. I want to see it as a journey book, as a personal documentation, maybe as some kind of diary. I want to write down my thoughts about what I'm doing and what I've learned from others. If somebody else is interested in this, fine, that's awesome, if not, no problem about that!